Hey, Beliebers and hangers on. If you somehow come into contact with Justin Bieber at a party or an event, and you snap a photo of him doing something bad, like, say, smoking a blunt, be prepared to pony it up. It'll be his property, if you pay attention to the posted signage.

After the singer was photographed in California with a blunt in his hand at a party, his camp moved into damage control mode, trying to stanch the bleeding and distance the teen from any more reputation harming things.

TMZ reports that a source said that the Biebs' handlers try and avoid this type of thing and that they post signs in the places where he parties, which state that any photos taken at the "event" do not belong to the person who took them. So whose property is it? Why it's JB's property, of course!

It's certainly a move to prevent more unwanted images of him doing things that most teens do.

So how the heck did the people who snapped the images of him with a blunt get away with sharing those photos? That's a matter of concern, clearly. Perhaps the signs weren't posted in plain-as-day fashion.

It is also said that the Biebs' security detail is responsible for managing these situations and keeping their boy out of trouble. Clearly, they failed this time out.

What do you think of Bieber's policy of "owning" photos taken at places like parties?

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