Yikes! Justin Bieber was reportedly put in a chokehold and then kicked out of the music festival, Coachella yesterday (April 12).

According to TMZ, Justin and the rest of his entourage tried to enter through a special artist's entrance while Drake was performing. They were allegedly stopped by security who informed them that the area they were trying to enter was at max capacity and so they were denied entrance. Justin's crew then reportedly showed security the special wristbands they had that were supposed to guarantee them entrance.

TMZ goes on to report that Justin then allegedly argued with security, saying that he would be swarmed by fans if he were to stay in the huge crowd. When that didn't work and security asked him to leave, he said he had been personally invited by Drake to attend the show. At that point, a member of the Coachella staff allegedly grabbed Justin by the arm and told him she would escort him into the Drake performance along with his crew. Coachella security then reportedly placed Justin in a chokehold from behind. Things seemed to escalate when Justin and his crew were asked to leave. Justin reportedly left of his own volition.

He and his entourage are reportedly considering taking legal action against the Coachella security guards.

Justin also came under fire for posing for a photo with Chris Brown that was in poor taste. Chris appears to be jokingly punching Justin in the face. Considering Chris' history with assault, the photo did not go over well.

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