Did you know Justin Bieber knows how to play the iconic Beatles hit "Let It Be" on piano?

That's what it sounds like he's playing in in the brief video TMZ has posted on their site, showing Justin cozying up to Playboy model Xenia Deli at a Los Angeles bar last week (August 21). In what appears to be a clear attempt to impress a Playboy model (we've all been there, right?), he shows off his piano skills before the two reportedly engage in some PDA. Looks like it worked!

If you're wondering where this connection began, TMZ reports that Xenia is featured in Justin’s music video for his upcoming single “What Do You Mean?”

Speaking of which, Justin’s been gearing up to release the highly-anticipated new track by participating in a flurry of promotion. Between an over-saturation of celebrity cameos permeating his Instagram feed (complete with a new paper countdown each day) and sending song lyrics to his fans via Twitter DM, Justin's really stepping up his game this era.

After all that buildup, a 30-second snippet of the track finally hit the Internet earlier today (August 26). In an interview with Ryan Seacrest in late July he commented on the inspiration behind the track saying, "Girls are often flip-floppy. They say something, and then they mean something else. ‘What do you mean?…I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.’” We feel you, Justin.

You can check out footage of Justin and Xenia chillin' on a piano bench in the video above.

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