Justin Bieber has not been having an easy time in Europe. First he had the week from Hell in London, and now he's cancelling a concert in Portugal. Why did he bail on his Portguese Beliebers?

That's up for debate. Biebs was slated to perform at the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon, Portugal on March 11 and 12 (tomorrow and Tuesday, respectively). However, the March 12 show isn't happening anymore. A message on the Pavilhao Atlantico website (via The Hollywood Gossip) read, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel the second performance in Portugal, March 12. The Canadian singer is eager to play for the Portuguese fans on March 11."

Considering Bieber's recent hospitalization, a cancelled show doesn't seem too farfetched, but if it were for a health issue, wouldn't it make more sense for the show on March 11 to be cancelled rather than March 12 -- so that if he wasn't feeling well, he'd ostensibly be able to play it by ear?

It turns out it's something arguably worse. A local newspaper (via The Mirror) reports that Bieber's second Lisbon show at Pavilhao Atlantico, which holds 20,000, was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

Ticket sales for the March 12 show will be refunded to the Beliebers -- or, more likely, to their parents -- and a new date hasn't been set or rescheduled. Bummer!

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