Does the legal drama ever end for Justin Bieber? Here's the short answer: No, no it does not.

Recent video footage shows the Biebs in jail following his DUI arrest. In one clip, the almost 20-year-old singer is forced to walk in a straight line for his sobriety test. The video shows Bieber, clad in bright orange socks, managing to walk a pretty straight line -- though he stumbles a few times. TMZ, who posted the vid, doesn't think that Bieber looks too bad, but they report that cops believe it is the proof that they need to prove that the pop star was driving under the influence.

In another video from jail, Bieber is seen this time in a holding cell, doing push-up after push-up. The troubled star reaches an impressive 23-and-a-half push-ups in approximately 28 seconds (almost one push-up per second), and it makes sense that he would exercise -- it's a way to release pent-up energy and emotions, which undoubtedly the singer had a lot of following his arrest.

In a third update on the Biebs' legal troubles, marijuana was reportedly found in the back of a car at Bieber's house. The car was seized after the driver of the car and the singer's bodyguard were arrested for allegedly stealing a camera from a paparazzo. Less than an ounce of weed, along with two glass pipes, were found in the backseat -- but it wasn't enough to arrest anyone.

This is just the latest in a long list of legal troubles for the pop star, who is most likely headed to trial over his DUI arrest.

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