On Friday, the crafty Justin Bieber pranked the Internet, turning a stolen laptop into the basis for for a PR stunt to premiere his new video for 'Beauty and a Beat.' Why did the singer, who makes incredibly effective use of (and money from) the worldwide web, decide to pull one over on the digital world, a move that was divisive for some of critics and fans? Well, the answer is not that simple.

It could be, as a report on E! claims, the teen's need for some sort of personal justice and the desire to be the teller, as opposed to the butt, of the joke, so to speak.

The Biebs tweeted his reasoning for orchestrating the PR stunt, and his tweets are below:

Biebs, baby, we love you with an almost unhealthy fervor, but that's what they call the price of fame. You live in the public eye, and therefore, you must live with thousands upon thousands of untrue rumors and stories. The fact that your wallet gets fatter with each passing day should take some of the sting off of being accused of taking hormones or being a baby daddy.

A psychologist actually weighed in on The Biebs' decision to pull a "Gotcha!" on the www, saying,
"When pranks more are serious and result in someone feeling strong negative emotions like fear or humiliation, the prankster may be motivated by a need for control and to feel superior due to low self-esteem. In the case of Justin Beiber, his pranks don't seem to be mean-spirited or excessively negative. It may be that his pranks are a simple attempt to reclaim a bit of the fun and silliness of his childhood that he has lost due to fame and working form such a young age."

Another doctor claimed that it was The Biebs' insecurity and need for attention, and a passive aggressive away to not be the target of jokes.

Or maybe it was just a clever way to premiere a video?

Chew on that, Beliebin' PopCrushers, and tell us how you felt about being duped by The Biebs.

Watch the 'Beauty and a Beat' Video