Justin Bieber seems to be all about pranking people lately. From the time he called up a fan on The Ellen Show, pretending to be a professor and claiming she was in serious trouble, to hiding in bathroom stalls to scare fans (also on The Ellen Show, by the way), he's pulled off some truly hilarious pranks. This time he's pranking an old lady at a bowling alley, and it's pretty great.

Appearing on the show #RepeatAfterMe -- which is the new show of, who else, Ellen DeGeneres -- Justin heads to a bowling alley and gets a private lesson from an older woman named Tish. What Tish doesn't know is that Justin is being fed lines to say to her through an earpiece -- so everything Justin says and does to her is being told to him by the show's host, Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Things start off pretty well, with Wendi telling Justin to give Tish a hug, refer to himself in the third person as "The Biebs" and, at one point, even to twerk for her. To Tish's credit, she takes it all in stride and is super personable. One of the funniest parts comes from Justin not actually rolling his bowling ball down the lane, but dropping it right at the line instead, causing the two of them to watch it slowly make its way down the lane -- eventually falling into the gutter. Justin is eventually forced to confess the truth to Tish after he gets a little too close to her, and a little too personal when he asks if she's ever robbed a liquor store before.

Check out the video above!

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