Boys will be boys, even when they are super famous pop stars! 17-year-old Justin Bieber's prank impulse recently took over during a trip to Wendy's and Burger King. Bieber's recorded his prank, and in the video the singer orders frozen desert treats, only to promptly return to a different fast food drive thru to claim he was unsatisfied!

In the vid, Bieber sails through Wendy's first. As he is handed a Frosty shake, the unsuspecting woman working the window lets out a gasp that is worth rewinding over and over. It's hilarious and loud. She recognizes The Biebs as he drives away and her gasp is super dramatic.

Cut to the next scene, where Bieber says, "Now we're at Burger King and we're going to return this at Burger King and say this wasn't good and say I want my money back." That's a normal complaint at fast food eateries, but Bieber complicates things by taking a Frosty back to a BK, which does not sell them!

The teen star pulls up to the BK drive through, beeps like an impatient customer and taps on the automatic window to get the employee's attention. He exclaims, "This isn't good. This didn't taste right." When the BK worker tells him that he's at the wrong place and they don't sell that item, The Biebs insists that he got the tasty treat there, refusing to take no for an answer. You can even hear cars behind him in the drive thru line beeping as he holds them up.

While this tomfoolery might seem not-so-nice on the surface, it's The Biebs. He's famous. It's pretty obvious who he is and that he is punking the workers, which will be realized once they recognize him. It's not like he is some truly obnoxious teen trying to give someone a hard time while they are trying to earn an honest day's pay.

Although Bieber refers to his prank as "cone-ing," we would like to point out that this does not qualify as a true cone-ing. Cone-ing occurs when you order an ice cream cone at a drive-thru or other eatery, and as the employee hands it to you, you grasp the actual ice cream scoop in your hand opposed to the cone. The result is mindless, silly entertainment for all ages.

Watch Justin Bieber's Drive-Thru Prank