Justin Bieber headed to London to preview 'Believe' for longer lead U.K. press. What better way to hear new tunes than with the Biebs himself as the tour guide of sorts. Thanks to this event, we learned some track titles, like 'Die In Your Arms,' 'All Around the World' and more.

Here is what Bieber had to say about a handful of the songs, rounded up by Oh No They Didn't!

'Die In Your Arms' is "old school and new school at the same time," said the Biebs, while 'All Around the World' features Ludacris.

The title track 'Believe' was penned on his bday and is for the Beliebers. He said it the power ballad-style song is "a track I wrote for my fans and is about how they inspired me. Listen to the words … it means a lot. I wrote it on my birthday -- it was midnight in the studio and Scooter [Braun] wanted to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me but I was like ‘No, let me finish this song!’” Fans first. What a selfless Bieber!

'Be Alright' was written on a plane and recorded in Indonesia, resulting in global Biebs, while 'Right Here' will feature his boy Drake on the final version. 'Thought of You' is one of his favorites, while 'As Long As You Love Me' will boast a rapper featuring on it, but Biebs did not want to reveal the identity of the rhymesmith yet. Surprises, yo!

During the press Q&A portion of the event, the singer addressed what it takes to me a good boyfriend, saying, “It’s about being honest and patient with girls because they give you a headache!" Whoa, Biebs! Boys can cause the ladies to bring out the Excedrin, too!

He shot down the idea that his relationship with Carly Rae Jepsen, who he signed in the U.S., mimics his relationship with Usher, saying, "I’m not her mentor. She’s super talented and has been doing [music] for as long as I have. She’s a sweet girl and it’s cool she’s blowing up."

So there you have it, Beliebers. Some concrete info about 'Believe.'