When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, it was blamed on a few things: Selena's trust issues, the couple's hectic schedules, Justin's partying. But could Biebs actually have wanted to get more serious with Sel? Because rumor has it, he may have actually proposed to her before they called it quits!

A rumor based on a blind item -- which technically could have been about anyone, since it's blind -- was heavily believed to be about Jelena. Bieber reportedly, according to the blind, proposed to Gomez twice before she broke it off. Here's the blind:

This heartthrob would like to be engaged to his famous girlfriend, whom he has been dating for over a year. And here's some surprising news for you: he actually proposed to her a few months ago!

But … she said “No.” However, 'No' doesn’t mean 'Never.' She told him to ask her again in a few months. So they might still get engaged in 2013. But she is not ready to make a big commitment to marriage -- or a baby -- right now.

The outlet, Blind Gossip, then revealed that the blind was supposedly about Selena and Justin -- and then some. Apparently, according to the site, Jelena began as little more than a PR stunt.

"It started out as a PR arrangement. Which is fine … except for the fact that Justin wanted to make it permanent," Blind Gossip says. "Selena, on the other hand, is a little older and wiser. She saw the relationship as a job from the beginning." Apparently Justin proposed to Selena more than once, but she declined both times. (We bet a lot Beliebers are fuming right now!)

However, don't expect either party to talk about it, because according to the blind item, "They have agreed to never, never, ever talk about the proposals! It would be far too damaging to his reputation if people found out that a smaller star turned down a bigger star."

Drama! Now, Hollywood Life is reporting that the pair may actually get back together. Another day, another chapter in the Jelena saga! The site says that their meeting in New York City actually went well and that the roller coaster couple are likely to work it out and stick together.

“Justin and Selena have broken up a bunch,” a source said. “But they’re basically back together. Justin just likes to party and Selena gets upset. There’s a lot of jealously but it’s typical for their age. They fight all the time, this time it’s just been blown way out of proportion.”

That may explain why no one involved has issued an official statement on the split: no one really knows what's going on! But just in case they do end things for good, Bieber took a precaution: Going forward, he's apparently removing her name from Nicki Minaj's rap in 'Beauty and a Beat.'

A source told The Sun, “It’s too late for Justin to remove the lyric from his album. But there’s no way he’s going to be singing it or have anyone else sing it -- including Nicki -- at his concerts. He knows it would just rub salt in the wounds for Selena and there would be a huge backlash from his girl fans, so it’s easier forgotten.”

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