The L.A. County District Attorney has an important decision on its hands and that’s whether or not to prosecute Justin Bieber for the case where he spit on his neighbor in their swank Calabasas gated community.

Remember, The Biebs was cruising dangerously on residential streets in his Ferrari, which incensed his neighbor. The neighbor confronted the singer, who said he retaliated with saliva. That's a claim that the teen denied.

Spitgate was a big deal, since many of us were already wondering if Da Biebs was headed for a major meltdown. The headlines ultimately faded from view, but they are about to pop back up now that the Sheriff's Department has investigated the case and sent it up to the D.A.

TMZ reports that the Sheriff's investigators have suggested that prosecutors charge the singer with battery. They don't think the singer should face jail time, but they do think he requires some sort of counseling to quell his behavior, which has been increasingly bratty.

What's this? L.A. cops being pre-emptive and caring about The Biebs? Turns out they fear he will "get his a— kicked" or that he'll end up shelling out millions to someone over his stupid actions.

They are not singling the singer out due to his status and his fame. They say they'd recommend a similar course of action for any citizen with a bad temper and a first offense.

But it's up to the D.A., who is currently reviewing the case. Expect a decision soon.

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