Justin Bieber vomiting on stage has to be one the funniest moments we've ever seen.

Okay so no one actually enjoys throwing up, but turning your back to the audience in the middle of a song to do the deed is kind of hilarious, especially considering that his background dancers continued dancing, nearly on top of the pile of vomit that just unexpectedly (and hilariously) landed at their feet.

Bieber hasn't escaped the embarrassment yet, though! The Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation created an almost two minute video of the act and definitely exaggerated the event so much so, it looks like a scene straight out of the movie 'The Exorcist' -- and you know which scene we're talking about. Split pea soup anyone?

While Biebs' confirmed that he possibly consumed some spoiled milk before the gig, the video shows him expelling a bright green substance from his body all over the crowd. And wouldn't you know, the Beliebers in the crowd seemed to actually enjoy the fact that he's vomiting all over them -- something we should probably expect from some Beliebers out there.

Egh, we're feeling kind of nauseous now.