Justin Bieber's barely old enough to take the wheel, but the 17-year-old pop star already has a car most drivers would kill for -- and he's building a pretty impressive rap sheet with the DMV, too.

His latest brush with the law came yesterday, when TMZ spotted Bieber being pulled over for making what was described as "an unsafe left turn" at a Los Angeles intersection.

The officer who pulled Bieber over may have teenage daughters at home, because he let the 'Baby' singer off with a warning -- which is exactly what happened when he was pulled over in October for cutting off a highway patrolman. California cops sound like a pretty understanding bunch, don't they?

It's easy to tease Bieber for his driving, but it bears mentioning that he's a pretty big target for the police, what with his customized "Batmobile" Cadillac. With a car like that, any driver would have to be on his absolute best behavior. Here's hoping Justin can go at least three months before his next run-in with the law!