Justin Bieber's debut may be called 'My World,' but he needs to obey the rules of the road for the world he shares with the rest of us.

TMZ reports that the Biebs got pulled over this week for cutting off a California Highway Patrol officer. In typical Bieber fashion, though, Selena Gomez's squeeze remained conspicuous, even in a traffic stop. Leading a three-car motorcade that included pal and 'Eenie Meenie' partner Sean Kingston, Bieber was behind the wheel of a Cadillac styled after the Batmobile, complete with bat symbols on the front and back of the vehicle and his initials emblazoned across the side panel.

Bieber was let off with a warning, but we're hoping he learns his lesson soon. He was already in a fender bender this summer while driving someone else's Ferrari. His car may look like Batman's, but does Bieber drive like Bruce Wayne? Baby, baby, nooooo.