Congrats to new dad Justin Bieber! No need to freak out, Beliebers: Even though the singer said earlier this year that he couldn't wait to have kids, he's only just got himself another fur baby.

Home in Canada for the holidays, Justin bought a brand-new puppy as a belated Christmas gift for himself. He purchased the female American Bulldog pup yesterday (Dec. 26) at a store in Stratford, Ontario. "Justin comes in all the time when he's home," said an employee at Ruffin's Pet Centre.

"He came in just before closing with his bodyguard and friends," said the store's owner. "He walked around the store, saw it, held it and liked it. She's got a little splash of brown on her eye." (You check out photos of the Biebs and his entourage in the store at Celebuzz. A grainy photo of Justin petting the pup is up at TMZ.)

The cute brown-and-white pooch is 7 weeks old, according to E! News.

Justin confirmed the news today (Dec. 27) with the simple tweet, "Got a new pup." While we wait for the inevitable adorable pics he'll post all over his social media accounts, his father has scooped him with the first image of the puppy (see below). Jeremy Bieber is also telling Beliebers that there will be a contest for fans to name the dog, as he wrote on Twitter today:

Whatever the new name chosen, we sincerely hope this pet will be better taken care of than Justin's monkey Mally and hamster Pac!