There's no doubt Justin Bieber's newest studio album, Purpose, represents a new artist...but is it a new and improved artist? We've made our case, now it's time for you to decide.

Bieber, who will tour in support of the album in 2016, has said his fourth LP was almost something entirely different—a dark, dreary work that suffered from his issues with trust and feelings of isolation.

"I was really about myself for a while and then it just got to a point where I was, like, so unhappy, I was so lonely, I felt so alone,” he told Access Hollywood in October. “I was so closed off to everyone, even my friends. I was like, ‘I can’t trust anybody’, so I started just acting out, doing whatever I wanted to do…feeling like I was invincible."

Instead, he's produced a work that's equal parts contrite and hopeful, and with features from HalseyNas and Big Sean, its sound—though largely house-pop—really runs the gamut. Purpose takes some risks, but still doesn't stray too far from the sound from whence Bieber came, and it could likely earn him some new fans while not abandoning The Beliebers who've helped to see him through some troubled times.

Listen to Purpose's tracks via Apple Music below, featuring Bieber's very first Billboard No. 1 hit "What Do You Mean?" and if you've got a favorite track, be sure to let us know!

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