It's an R. Kelly pop music Renaissance. First, the 'I Believe I Can Fly' singer turned up on Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want,' and now he has partnered up with Justin Bieber for this week's #MusicMondays track 'PYD.' It's a slightly dark song, with a rippling beat, and it starts out muffled before coming into audio focus.

'PYD' is short for 'Put You Down.'

It finds The Biebs yanking a page out of R.'s book. It's a semi-R&B song that's sexual, if you read into them singing "Ima put you down" as a sex reference, which it very well may be. Usually, we think of that phrase as something that happens to a horse or an animal, but... here it's different.

There are waves of beats moving under The Biebs' voice, as well as his own layered harmonies, as he repeats "P-Y-D" over and over, and employs some falsetto. It's echo-y, too. There's a totally chill vibe to the way the beats funnel in a lilting way. We felt lulled into a relaxed state for the entirety of the song.

It's also a love song, as has been the case for all #MM songs. When The Biebs chooses to use his capable falsetto, his emotional distress becomes that much more acute.

R.'s buttery, pretty voice comes into play in the second part of the song, where he sings about "doing forensics on your body in this club." Yes, he sings that line. The singer has such a terrific and richly toned voice that he adds another level of artistry to the tune.

When The Biebs and Kelly come together to fully harmonize at the end -- the "Ima put you down" part -- it's almost too much vocal goodness in one song!

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'PYD' Feat. R. Kelly