Oh, Internet. You come up with such great (and hard to believe) stories, like suggesting that digital and millennial superstar Justin Bieber used a racial slur when hanging out backstage with a disabled YouTube celeb. We know, it sounds like the plot of a short story written by someone of the digital, plugged in generation.

The Biebs was hanging out with Keenan Cahill – you may know him from his YouTube videos where he lip syncs to popular songs and oftentimes performs with certain celebs -- backstage at the Chicago stop on the Believe tour. Cahill, who is afflicted with Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which results in some developmental disabilities, was riding a scooter, with encouragement from Bieber.

When the vid landed online, some Beliebers thought they heard the Biebs call use the word "n---a" at the 24 second mark. If you play it over like 50 times, you might perhaps hear that, if your brain so wills it, but what we heard was "crash into him."

The haters will hate. The Beliebers will defend. The brouhaha will die down and the Biebs won't be labeled as a racist. End. Of. Story ... right?

Eh, not so fast. This story is more about Beliebers than it is the Biebs.

ONTD! posted a bunch of tweets from fans who actually liked it when they thought Biebs used that word and who were annoyed when they found out he didn't use the term. We know, weird.

We think that some fans and web trolls have a bit too much time on their hands, like the 4chan users who got Beliebers to shave their heads after launching the rumor that he had cancer.

The Internet can be a cruel, cruel mistress.