A radio station in Albany, N.Y. is placing bets on Justin Bieber's downfall and thinks the teen will meet an early demise.

The station has added the singer, who is experiencing some personal struggles magnified by the media, to its death pool. While it's commonplace for jokesters on radio stations to wager when certain drug-addled celebs will die, to add the Biebs to such a game is a bit premature and a little bit ignorant.

According to a post on the station's Facebook, which should stoke the flames of Belieber ire, the station is offering $200 to the person who guesses the correct month that the Biebs will go to rehab and/or die in 2013.

The station's typo-filled post is below. Since it's a rock station, the poster suggests that guitar god Jimi Hendrix take a swipe at Bieber with his ax.


Justin Bieber heading to rehab. Will he go the way on Michael Jackson this year. If so post the month you think he will go to the great stage in the sky where hendrix will hit him with his fender. Post the month must be this year. Get it right you could win $200! Post away.....


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