We all know Justin Bieber has experimented with spittin' rhymes in the past, so perhaps it's no surprise that he showed up on his former collaborator Maejor Ali's track 'Lolly' along with rapper Juicy J.

Channeling Lil Wayne's 2008 hit 'Lollipop,' the chorus bumps "She say she love my lolly / She wanna make it pop / She say she love my lolly / She wanna kiss the top."

The song is an ode to the ladies (of course) and Justin's verse is no exception. He raps, "Gotcha girlfriend at my crib / Watching Netflix, Let's just / Admit that I'm the bestest, guess this / You ain't ever ever on the guest list." You're bragging about having someone else's girlfriend over to watch Netflix, Biebs? Sounds like you're getting friend-zoned real hard.

Needless to say, this song is sure to get some play with it's catchy chorus and infectious beat even with lyrical duds from Ali, such as "So we can leave this party / And go back to my hotel / And don't stop for hibachi." 

Listen to Maejor Ali, 'Lolly' Feat. Justin Bieber + Juicy J