We're sure that Justin Bieber receives his fair share of fan art. We don't doubt that some of it's raunchy, like the image of a brunette Belieber, nestled naked in his arms while in bed, under the 'Justin Belieber' caption. We expect that. We're sure he does, too.

But it was totally irresponsible of The Biebs to share it on Instagram, to tons and tons and tons of followers.


Well, the comments grew to be something else. The Beliebers got very suggestive with their responses, with many wishing that was them. That's not very PG of them. It was an irresponsible share on Da Biebs' part, since there are so many little ladies who lose their collective minds over him.

It's best to keep an image such as this swept under the rug or, er, under the covers.

Thanks, we'll be here all week.

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