After earning the title of Bing's most searched person of 2011, Justin Bieber has now pulled off another search engine victory by claiming the same title from Google.

As revealed on the new Google Zeitgeist site, the most searched person this year was Bieber, followed by Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. Selena Gomez also makes the list at No. 6. The list varies quite a bit from Bing's countdown, which had several other musicians in its Top 10. The only other singer in Google's Top 10 is the late Amy Winehouse.

A separate Google list of the "fastest-rising" global searches is topped by none other than Rebecca Black. The infamous 'Friday' singer, who has since released equally cringe-worthy videos for 'My Moment' and 'Person of Interest,' outdistanced Ryan Dunn and Casey Anthony on that list, with Adele coming in at No. 7.

When the fastest rising list is narrowed down to United States searches only, Black still comes out on top, but 'American Idol' king Scotty McCreery places at No. 2, while rapper Kreayshawn takes No. 5.