Justin Bieber made for an unforgettable night when he crashed a high school prom this past weekend (April 25), but it looks like the high school seniors in attendance weren't the only ones who didn't know he was coming. According to TMZ, school officials were upset about the entire thing as Justin reportedly "shoved" his way into the prom.

Justin arrived at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood for the Chatsworth Charter High prom for a short time, making the night even more memorable for a ton of students. But TMZ says the LA Unified School District believes that Justin put students in danger by showing up unnannounced. A representative for the district said, "His entourage pushed past the school's security to gain access to the dance floor." Shortly after Justin arrived, the school believed they might be unable to control the crowd if things got too rowdy.

Although administrators knew that Justin was recording in the same area, they were reportedly under the impression "that he would not come out to interfere." A representative for Justin, however, said that he decided to drop by after a few kids he met on the lot requested he come to prom and that he was not stopped when he headed inside. His rep said, "It's unfortunate they're trying to make it a negative thing. It was awesome for the kids."

The school did say that the students in attendance were able to enjoy a "once in a lifetime experience," and isn't that was prom is really about, anyway? We didn't go to ours, but probably yes.

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