OMG! It's finally here. Justin Bieber, who won the award for Social Artist of the Year at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and delivered the evening's best performance with his Michael Jackson-inspired rendition of 'Boyfriend,' also shared the track listing for 'Believe' via Twitter today (May 20.) Next to Lady Gaga, no artist makes as effective use of Twitter to share news with fans.

Here's what you need to know. The track listing, which is for the deluxe edition of the album, reveals that the Biebs worked with four featured artists: Ludacris, Big Sean, Drake and Nicki Minaj. That's the perfect amount of features, since it doesn't take the spotlight off The Biebs for too long. It's his album and his evolution we want to focus on. Also, there are 16 songs and the titles are much more "adult" than 'Baby' or 'One Less Lonely Girl.' While we of course love those songs, 'Believe' is the next chapter in Biebstory.

Notice 'Turn to You,' his "mom" song, is not included in this track listing.

'Believe' drops June 19. That's less than a month, Beliebers. Swag! Swag! Swag!

'Believe' Track Listing:

1. 'All Around the World' Feat. Ludacris
2. 'Boyfriend'
3. 'As Long As You Love Me' Feat. Big Sean
4. 'Take You'
5. 'Right Here' Feat. Drake
6. 'Catching Feelings'
7. 'Fall'
8. 'Die in Your Arms'
9. 'Thought of You'
10. 'Beauty and a Beat' Feat. Nicki Minaj
11. 'One Love'
12. 'Be Alright'
13. 'Believe'
14. 'Out of Town Girl'
15. 'She Don't Like the Lights
16. 'Maria'

Below is The Biebs tweet of the cover and the tray card, where the track list lives.

What track title do you find most intriguing, Beliebers?