Someone has given Justin Bieber a ring and guess what? It wasn't his lady love Selena Gomez, either. So who gifted The Biebs with a piece of jewelry? You'll be surprised to find out that it was…

…none other than his 'As Long as You Love Me' duet partner Big Sean. Why would one dude give another dude a ring? Why, as a token of appreciation, of course.

In a chat with MTV, the rapper shared that The Biebs sorta coveted the bling on his finger while in the studio. He said, "I gave Bieber my Rolex pinky ring. It was the first ring I bought as I started finally making money. The first time I worked with Bieber, I came to the studio and he loved this pinky ring I had on. He said, 'Man that ring is fresh.'"

Fresh and soon-to-be-his, apparently.

So what exactly prompted Big Sean to part ways with the pricey piece of jewelry once and for all?  "After he put me on his album and introduced me to a lot of his fans, I felt like, 'Yo, man, just to show my appreciation,' I gave him the Rolex ring," Sean said. "It ain't no thing; it's really what bosses do — we give each other gifts."

We want to work for The Biebs or Big Sean since the dole out mega expensive accessories like it ain't no thang!

Watch Big Sean Talk Giving Justin Bieber a Ring