As Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast draws near, the special's promos are only getting better. The latest teaser features a crucial aspect of his image: his die-hard Beliebers.

The new video kicks off with a girl who looks an awful lot like Justin's ex, Selena Gomez. As JB's iconic song, "Baby," kicks in, the girl starts to weep. We've been there, too. The song continues to play as a montage of Beliebers burst into tears (one even dramatically wiping his nose). It captures the absolute insanity of Justin's devoted fanbase.

Each of the roast promos picks apart a different element of Justin's persona. The first paid tribute to his infamous egging case, this time making the singer the target of the flying missiles. The next teaser showed Justin getting a new tattoo, an obvious reference to his ever-growing collection of body ink. The third video parodied the Biebs' buzzworthy Calvin Klein ads. Addressing Justin's army of loyal Beliebers totally makes sense.

As for that Selena Gomez look-alike — the promo doesn't specifically call out the actress, but the startling image of someone who looks so similar to her, and crying no less, immediately calls to mind Sel's "The Heart Wants What It Wants" video. (It's no coincidence that the song features Selena opening up about a past relationship.) Additionally, comedian Chris D’Elia said that Selena is fair game during the roast.

You can tune into the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber on March 30 at 10PM ET. Roast-master Kevin Hart, Hannibal Buress, Chris D’Elia, Natasha Leggero, Jeffrey Ross, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal, Ludacris and Martha Stewart will all be taking jabs at the singer.

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