Technie Beliebers, take note! Justin Bieber has a lot of endorsements under his young belt -- fragrance, nail polish, headphones, Proactiv, an upcoming film and even a fellow Canadian pop star to name a few. While a lot of celebs don't personally use a lot of the products they help sell (have you seen Biebs with a purple manicure?), his latest plug may be his most unusual. Bieber is endorsing a Vietnamese robot!

CNET reports that Bieber will attend the Consumer Electronics Show. Bieber will be on hand to support TOSY, a Vietnamese robotics company. TOSY is best known for its Topio robot, designed to play ping pong against human beings, as well as their bartending robots. Awesome? We think so! While CNET notes that Bieber won't be available to answer questions about robots himself, we think his presence is promotion enough.

Bieber will support the launch of a new entertainment robot for TOSY, but details are pretty hush-hush. We do know, however, that he will be in good company at the expo. LL Cool J, 50 and more are all slated to attend as well.

If you want to catch the Biebs, be quick! He will be at the show from 1-3PM on Wednesday, Jan. 11.