We're on the eighth installment of #MusicMondays from Justin Bieber. This week, we get 'Roller Coaster,' a song we've already heard a snippet of, thanks to a previously posted Biebs' Instagram video. The gamut of the #MM songs have been slow-burning R&B elegies that lament love lost. This time, we get a more sonically upbeat track, albeit one about the same subject.

He's nothing if not consistent with his theme.

'Roller Coaster' has a bit of an old school, '90s-era R&B flair, complete with handclaps. The Biebs was born in the '90s and he is paying homage to the decade of his birth with this song, thanks to its swingy vibe. Whether that's intentional or not is unknown.

In the lyrics, he wonders about the love that he lost and is left not knowing what happened, but damn if that groove don't quit. It carries through the entire song and we're feeling it. Are you grooving in your seat as you listen? Yeah you are!

We like that he is little more musically uptempo after several mournful #MusicMondays tracks. Don't get us wrong, we like when The Biebs bares his soul. But sometimes you have to come up for air when being emotional and that's just what he does here.

When he sings, "Wish I had the key to your heart / People come and go / Baby, they don’t know / What we had before / What it felt before our eyes," we are once again going, "Sounds like his relationship with Selena."

The chorus tells us exactly how he feels: "Roller coaster, roller coaster / For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down," and the song's tempo and content echo that sentiment.

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Roller Coaster'