Swag, swag, swag alert!

Justin Bieber's new Rolling Stone Cover (his second) drops on July 20 but the image has been leaked online. The Biebs is quite the teen idol, wearing a white wifebeater tank, spiky, bang-free hair and a chain half-tucked under his shirt. It's that stare, though, that should have Beliebers tacking this cover onto their walls and incorporating it into their shrines.

The 'Hot. Ready. Legal' cover tag perfectly encompasses all that The Biebs is in 2012. The mag omitted "Swaggy" as a description but we think we can forgive that egregious error. Plus, we don't need a magazine telling us The Biebs has swag. We already know he is swag.

The mag has released behind-the-scenes video footage of the super sunny Malibu photo shoot and there's not much in the way of chatter with the 'All Around the World' singer. But we do witness him in various states of undress. That's enough reason to watch it, no?

Biebs tries on a white tee, a black and white, skinny-striped, long-sleeve shirt and other pieces of clothing for his shoot. It left us wondering: When is he going to score a spokesman gig for a dude's fashion line? That has to be next on his bucket list.

He also strums a guitar in a few scenes as well, all the while wearing a denim jacket. Denim has been a crucial fabric in his wardrobe as he began promoting 'Believe.' He is always dressed in jeans, kicks, and some form of denim jacket, many of which have leather incorporated into them. Stylin' and profilin'! That's our Biebs.

More content from the shoot/feature is set to be unveiled tomorrow, so stay tuned.

What do you think of JB's second Rolling Stone cover image, Beliebers and PopCrushers? He's looking handsome, right?

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Justin Bieber's Rolling Stone Cover Shoot