Justin Bieber continues to add to his tattoo collection. His latest ink? Roman numerals on his collarbone.

The numerals appear to spell out his mother Pattie Mallette's birthday, which is April 2, 1975. The Biebs shared the photo of his latest etching on Instagram, where it is in full display.

In this other shot (shown below), you can see the tattoo under the strap of his wifebeater tank.

We are just glad the Biebs elected to get a tattoo related to the love of his life -- his mother -- as opposed to getting Selena Gomez's name or birthdate tattooed on him in an effort to try and win her back.

That's a big, huge no-no.

The Biebs recently added an owl and an Indian chief to his ever-expanding collection. The latter is a tribute to his grandfather, and now, he is making sure to honor his mother.

Remember, his pops Jeremy Bieber got his son's initials (which are also his own, go figure) tattooed on his body last year to celebrate that singer's 18th birthday!

He's certainly becoming heavily inked.

Beliebers, what do you think of JB's latest tat? Is he, like One Direction's Harry Styles, going overboard with the tattoo work?


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