Forget turkeys and cranberry sauce, it's time for ornaments and tacky Christmas sweaters! Justin Bieber caught up with his iconic radio show host friend Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday for a little recreational holiday decorating, which quickly turned into a full-on Xmas celebration.

"Since snow came early Justin Bieber and i fired up the yule log and swapped gifts," Seacrest posted to his Facebook page, along with a photo. In the pic above, he and the Biebs can be seen seated by the 'fire' -- one of those fireplace television channels -- donning their gay apparel with the utmost Christmas spirit.

While the 17-year-old 'Baby' singer unwraps his package with sheer delight, Seacrest takes a peek at what the Biebs brought him and lets out an excited smile as well. Sure, we may only be an inch deep in November, but these boys' enthusiasm proves that it's never too early to deck the halls.

Even though we can't hear anything through this holly jolly picture, we're sure that Bieber and Seacrest were listening to the latest pop holiday release, 'Under the Mistletoe,' which hit on Tuesday. How festive!