Justin Bieber plays the part of Santa's little helper to ensure that all of the kids have presents to open on Christmas morning in his new animated 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' video.

J.B. gets the claymation treatment and heads out on an adventure with Kris Kringle in his new clip, which is perfectly caricatured just in time for the holiday season. The video mimics classic clay Christmas films and is sure to resonate with 'kids' of all ages.

In the vid, the Biebs and his penguin buddy set out to make sure that Santa gets all of the names he needs to make everyone happy on Christmas. To speed things up, the pair take rides on reindeer and dash through the snow, which is what makes it possible to visit everyone on the planet in just one night.

As expected, even the slew of small nocturnal animals have Bieber Fever and crush on the 'Baby' singer, as understood by the swelling hearts in their eyes. But Bieber pays them no mind, he's busy being charitable and giving to those less fortunate -- true to real life.

If this holly, jolly animated video doesn't get you in the spirit of giving, nothing will.

Watch the Justin Bieber 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' Video