Justin Bieber has pranked his fans before, but this one was just cruel. In honor of April Fool's Day, the 'Boyfriend' singer released a new teaser for his upcoming music video ... or so Beliebers thought.

Biebs tweeted, "here. #BOYFRIENDTeaser #2 - u deserve it. i love u. enjoy." He included a YouTube link that was not actually a 'Boyfriend' teaser. Turns out, it was actually a screamer clip with an image of Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist!' Gosh, Bieber! Don't you know what that does to the faint of heart?!

This wasn't the first time Biebs has punked his fans. He previously played jokes on some lucky Beliebers chosen to star with him in a Proactiv ad, and last month he broke the hearts of plenty of gullible fans when he announced the postponement of 'Believe.'

Fans aren't the only people Bieber pranks, though. He punked pals Sean Kingston, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus on the premiere of the new 'Punk'd.' Fear not, though, Beliebers -- a certain Carly Rae Jepsen may avenge you. She declared a prank war on her label boss this week!

Watch Bieber's prank teaser below at your own risk. Don't say we didn't warn you! (Hint: You may want to turn down your speakers!)

Watch Justin Bieber's April Fool's 'Boyfriend' Teaser Video