Members of high-profile former couples, no matter how cordial or amicable their split, don't usually sit next to one another at industry awards shows. In fact, they often can make the request to event producers to put distance between themselves and their exes. That's not what's happening with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

The on-off twosome are placed side by side at the event, according to a leaked seating chart photo. That's no accident.

That means that they must be back together, right? Well, not really. That's wishful thinking on our parts, but we could unearth some serious clues about their status and future via the event.

The ceremony takes place tomorrow (May 19). The Biebs and Sel will be there, but the questions remains: Will they arrive together, holding hands and nuzzling like the teen couple of yore? Will they cuddle in the audience as they enjoy the festivities? Will they do the after party circuit together?

We cannot wait to see what Selena is wearing and if she and the Biebs will display affection as they sit next to one another.

The seating arrangement of Jelena is yet another reason to tune in to the broadcast. The Billboard Music Awards air from Las Vegas at 8PM ET on ABC.