With every passing moment, our spidey senses are tingling and telling us that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are, in fact, reunited. The latest Jelena rumor is that the Biebs will dedicate his performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards to his on-again, but mostly off-again (according to her at least) boo.

Justin will perform his ballad 'Take You' at the award show, which will air on May 19, as a gesture of good-will and romance to his former lady lover, Ms. Gomez. A source told Hollywood Life, "Justin loves Selena’s music. He is working hard to be a gentleman and he knows her music is important to her, so he’s really being nice to her about that."

This particular Biebs track boasts lyrics like, "I might have a reputation, oh oh / But there's only me and you in this equation / Promise this occasion, oh oh / It's a different situation / For your information." Layin' it on pretty thick there!

But remember that time, say like earlier this week that Selena Gomez said she was absolutely available? So what's Bieber's bag with this special performance? A source reportedly said,

Selena felt like a booty call after she came back, and then Justin went back to his old games by ignoring her calls, etc. She did that interview to remind him that she’s a precious princess and he needs to respect her. Is she trying to make him jealous? H--- yeah. She needs to feel wanted or she will cool things off again. If they didn't have the history they do, she would not be putting up with all of this.

Was going to the club with Justin and then leaving with him also a ploy to make him jealous? Seems like kind of a weird tactic to us...

Listen to Justin Bieber's Song 'Take You'