Last week, The Sun reported that Justin Bieber and his beautiful lady love Selena Gomez were on the rocks, since Gomez supposedly disapproves of The Biebs' pals, like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Sean Kingston. Bieber recently collaborated with the often in trouble Brown on an out-of-character mixtape track where he was incredibly boastful, while Kingston has had his share of troubles and was once a child burglar, according to The Sun.

While the duo did sit together at last night's Teen Choice Awards and were all smiles and even held hands for the camera in a show of solidarity, they did arrive separately. Don't go sounding the break up alarm, though, as that is a customary behavior for many celebrity couples at red carpet events, when they have different things to promote or are looking to make less of an entrance in full view of the media.

The Biebs did talk up his girlfriend and her universal appeal on the red carpet,  telling MTV that "I feel like she's relatable to a lot of different teenagers. She's kind of girl-next-door; she's real cool. She's very nice. She's a very nice girl."

Well, the "very nice girl" might not like her boyfriend's "bad boy friends."

Whatever the reality, let's hope that these rumors are just that and that the cutest, most clean cut couple in Hollywood can survive the drama that surrounds their relationship, be it real or imagined. The Biebs and Gomez are an adorable couple and seem genuinely into each other. Even more importantly, they've avoided the mashup couple name a la "Brangelina" or "Bennifer!" That's reason enough for them to stay together, right?