Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have continued to fan the flame in their on-and-off again relationship. The seemingly on-again couple were reportedly spotted together at Coachella, where the Biebs shocked fans with a surprise performance with Chance the Rapper on Sunday and Gomez hung out with pals Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The 'Come & Get It' singer watched Bieber's set from the side of the stage, an eyewitness tells E! News. Though he didn't dedicate the performance to his "baby" this time (like he did with his surprise SXSW perf of 'As Long as You Love Me'), Bieber and Gomez "seemed content" and "were having a good time in each other's company," another source revealed.

The duo, who were spotted walking together before the Biebs' set, were also seen holding hands.

The next day, (Monday, Apr. 14), the Biebs did not show up to his court hearing in Toronto, where he was represented by his lawyer instead. According to his attorney, Bieber isn't expected at any court sessions until a trial date is set.

The singer is charged with assaulting a limo driver after he left a Toronto nightclub in December 2013. Police claim that Bieber hit the driver "several times in the back of the head" after he and his friends were picked up from the club, the Huffington Post reports.

Of course, this case is going on at the same time as the Biebs is dealing with two other cases alleging that he was violent to paparazzi. Gomez just got subpoenaed in one (as she was with Bieber at the time of the alleged attack), while she may be deposed in the other, as the photographer's lawyer wants to see if he ever spoke about his hatred for the paps.

Yikes. With that entire legal mess to look forward to, no wonder they wanted some time to escape to the hot California desert for Coachella.

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