When a guy brings a girl home to meet his family, you know he's got it bad. When that guy is 17-year-old pop phenomenon Justin Bieber and that girl is his famous girlfriend Selena Gomez, you know it's serious. The Biebs recently took his Disney lady back home to Canada to meet his fam and hang out with his friends.

While in the 'Baby' singer's hometown of Stratford, Ontario yesterday, the paparazzi-ed pair grabbed lunch at a fancy restaurant with the rest of the Biebers, and for dessert, munched on ice cream elsewhere, according to Idolator.

Though Beliebers may not want to believe it, it really looks like Gomez and the beloved Bieber are pretty serious. In just a matter of weeks, they've vacationed in Hawaii together and slowed things down in Texas, and are now relaxing on Bieber turf. If Mama Biebs approved, we bet Gomez might be sticking around for awhile.