Justin Bieber was a busy pop star over the past few days. While in Brazil -- where he performed on stage with his girlfriend Selena -- he fit in a few interviews, one which showed off his somewhat limited Spanish speaking skills. The teen took the time to reveal that he does have a nickname for his aforementioned Latin gal pal Selena Gomez and he did so in said interview where he showed off his bilingual capabilities.

The Biebs said that he calls her "Mamacita," which translates to "a sexy, hot mama!" If The Biebs were to use the term in a sentence, he would say, "My girl Selena Gomez? She's quite a mamacita." It's a nickname the head-turning Gomez certainly deserves. She always looks so put together and attractive.

But isn't it cute that The Biebs shared his special name for Sel? It certainly makes us wonder what Sel's nickname for The Biebs is. She has to have some cute pet name that only the two of them are aware of. Maybe during her next interview Gomez will spill the beans and cough up her nickname for her man. Anyone out there care to offer up a guess as to what Gomez calls Bieber behind closed doors? Anyone? Anyone?

Watch Justin Bieber Show Off His Spanish Skills