Ay yi yi! Just when we thought things were going well in Jelena-ville, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were again the subject of a whole lot of drama on Friday night (Nov. 16) -- and there are photos to somewhat prove it. The couple were rumored to have gotten into a massive fight, but we're hesitant to buy it.

Here's what supposedly went down: Us Weekly reports that the couple, who enjoyed a date at the Laugh Factory on Thursday night and shacked up together at the Four Seasons just a few days ago, met up at the Yamato Japanese restaurant in Encino, Calif. The pair arrived separately, this time not just to avoid being photographed together, as Justin was coming from the studio and Selena was shopping prior to the meal.

Then it's said to have gotten ugly. "They had just sat down and didn't order when they started to fight," a source told the mag. "Ten minutes later, they stormed out without speaking and she drove off in her car." Gomez reportedly stormed out first, with Bieber behind her, "swearing and yelling."

The pair then drove off -- again, separately -- to Selena's pad, where she reportedly wouldn't let him through her security gate. (Imagine if they weren't both filthy rich and just had to stand on each other's porches all night!) Biebs then yelled her name a whole lot (maybe he forgot a boombox). When he saw that paps were following him, a witness says he began "swearing and yelling and lost his temper." Sel actually came to the gate but wouldn't let him in.

Us also reports that Bieber has been "texting other girls constantly" but doesn't want to let Gomez go. (Smart man.)

But here's where everything gets fuzzy. Though a lot of reports say that Sel wouldn't let Justin in, his car was still at her place this morning. We doubt he spent the night in a Ferrari. Also, in a lot of photos from the incident, Bieber and Gomez looked fine when they were together -- they only appeared upset when cameras were in their faces. In a few shots, a pap got close enough to Bieber to have a glare from the flash on his face. That means the camera was thisclose to the singer -- we'd look mad, too.

We're thinking (and hoping!) that the couple were just aggravated by the assault of paparazzi and that they were able to work stuff out. We heart Justin and Selena together!

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