Soooo... This is creepy. US sculptor Daniel Edwards has unveiled his most recent masterpiece, which is a bronze metallic statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fused together. Although only the bust portion of the statue has been revealed, apparently the entire piece is a full body sculpture, with a Canadian maple leaf (Bieber hails from Canada) and a Texas lone star (Gomez is a native Texan) covering up Bieber's and Gomez's private areas, respectively.

Edwards has become known for his controversial artwork that often displays celebrities and other iconic symbols from pop culture. The Bieber and Gomez sculpture has been dubbed 'Justin and Selena as One' by the artist, and it depicts the duo looking like conjoined twins rather than boyfriend and girlfriend, as they are joined half-way across their bodies.

Although Edwards obviously has great talent in the technical department, considering the couple's likenesses are dead-on, we can't help but find this piece incredibly disturbing. Both Bieber and Gomez are still teenagers, and it makes us a bit squeamish to gaze at the pair in a semi-nude state together.

However, the jaw-dropping factor is probably exactly what Edwards was going for, since his art contains a lot of shock value. He once sculpted a statue of a very pregnant Britney Spears giving birth on all fours atop a bearskin rug, which can be seen here. Ew.

The Justin and Selena as One statue will be unveiled in Dallas in the near future.