Selena Gomez is moving right along from her last and seemingly final split from Justin Bieber. In fact, the 'Who Says' singer is said to be looking for an older man to replace him!

A source told Radar Online, “Selena is looking to date an older man this time. She finally realized how toxic it was to date a toddler like Justin.”


“Selena is doing really well and feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders now that Justin is out of the picture,” the source added. “She finds Justin to be embarrassing since their breakup. He’s turned into exactly the kind of person she’d never want to be with.”

Ouch times two! That may explain why Gomez reportedly dissed Bieber on his 19th birthday last weekend. To her credit, Gomez isn't being entirely cold and unfeeling to the 'As Long as You Love Me' singer. She's rumored to be not just embarrassed by his post-split behavior, but also genuinely concerned and worried for his well being. Class act!

Still, it may be tough for Sel to find an older guy. In her recent Harper's Bazaar cover story, she admitted she doesn't get asked out often. Gentlemen, step your game up!

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