For as long as they denied that they were even dating, it's somewhat shocking to see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez show public displays of affection now that they're out of the closet. Following a televised kiss at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, the teenage pair jetted off to Hawaii, where they really let their guard down.

Yesterday, the paparazzi captured a photo of Ms. Gomez straddling the Biebs, both in their bathing suits, while engaging in a very intimate kiss in the ocean.

Thankfully, the two kids have found other ways to entertain themselves while in Maui. Bieber and Gomez reportedly rented jet-skis (and kissed on them), enjoyed the beach (and held hands), and even went parasailing, which made the 'Baby' singer a bit nauseous. "1200 feet in the air ... Not the best feeling. lol," Bieber tweeted last night.

As for the nausea, we know the feeling. While teenage love is as adorable as puppies wearing bow-ties, someone needs to spray these two with a fire hose!

Watch Justin Bieber Kiss Selena Gomez at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards