When you're as famous as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, even a seemingly normal date night like dinner and a movie requires a lot of extra planning.

The clandestine couple rented out an entire theater in Winnipeg, Canada to watch Hugh Jackman's new flick 'Real Steel' in private. To avoid a scene of their own at the concession stand, The Biebs and Gomez had pizza ("cheese only," according to the Winnipeg Free Press) delivered to their theater.

The secrecy worked. No one in other theaters knew the pop superstars were in the building while a driver waited for them outside.

There was buzz around the pair, though, after on-lookers spotted them on a romantic walk and out for dinner. They both tweeted their love for the city. "I had a great day here in Winnipeg. I can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow!!" Gomez tweeted on Oct. 20. "Feels good to be back in #Canada — missed home," Bieber, whose father lived in Winnipeg, tweeted.

Gomez will perform at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg on Oct. 21. She's definitely in store for a few more outings with Bieber, who is looking forward to treating his lady to an NHL game and skating while in the city.

While most visitors respected Bieber and Gomez's privacy, the excitement was still palpable. "There was certainly a buzz going around," Forks CEO Paul Jordan told the Winnipeg Free Press. It wasn't just a buzz. It was Bieber Fever, and if he remains this romantic, it's going to be contagious.