For a couple that is supposedly broken up, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sure spend a lot of time together. Especially in public places, like restaurants, where the paparazzi will swarm and take photos of their "togetherness."

Biebs and Sel -- or Jelena, if you prefer -- reportedly dined at Benihanna in Los Angeles on Monday (Nov. 19), a day after the Biebs left his lady love out of all of his American Music Awards speeches, further fueling rumors that they were O to the V to the E to the R. Then they were spotted clutching hands after the ceremony, eradicating the idea that they were broken up.

For the love of God, will one of them send a tweet confirm their status? And yes, we do deserve to know what goes on in their personal lives. They're celebs! They've signed up for this type of media scrutiny.

Sel looked adorbs in an army jacket, gold hoop earrings and nerdy black glasses, while her "BF" wore shades and a red backpack.

We remain forever clouded and confused by their status. But what we do know is that they are communicating, since they are having dinners and holding hands. If they are broken up, things are not ugly. If they never broke up, then score one for them for managing to keep their silences as the media speculates.

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