Even teen celeb couples can't escape the paparazzi flash bulbs while trying to get some rest and relaxation far away from Hollywood.

After sharing an on-camera smooch at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday -- no doubt inciting the ire of the Beliebers -- teen idol Justin Bieber and gal pal Selena Gomez are vacationing in Hawaii together. Photos of their getaway have leaked, which will probably further infuriate the teenage, Bieber-loving contingent. At least their hero looks happy and in love and Gomez is very sweet and complimentary when she speaks about the Beliebers in the press.

PEOPLE reports that the teen lovebirds are enjoying some surf and sun in Maui. Awww, how romantic.

The pair was photographed while walking on a boardwalk by the ocean. The Biebs, 17, was shirtless, while his girlfriend, now 18, was wearing a hot pink bikini top which she paired with white denim shorts. Her super long hair was all beachy, tousled and just fabulous. What an attractive looking pair this duo makes!

A source said Bieber, who collected six Billboard Music Awards, "is taking a much-needed vacation."

We hope the couple enjoys itself and makes sure to slather each other's backs with tons of sunscreen, SPF 35!

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