Justin Bieber may be nursing a broken heart after his reported split with longtime love Selena Gomez, but he remains as fit as ever. He posted a photo of his bare, ripped abs and tattooed torso on Instagram the other night.

The Biebs captioned the shot: "What song is next?" The photo appears to have been taken while the 'Boyfriend' singer is on his Believe tour. The photo merely serves to show us that even if Biebs and Sel are over and moving on from their relationship, (which we really hope that they aren't since they are adorbs together) he won't have any problem finding takers. He looks amazing as he grows up and becomes man before our very eyes. He's ripped. He's inked. He's the Biebs, whether he is with Selena Gomez or not.

We also have to applaud him, since he is doing his best to conceal his emotions and remain a consummate professional while his personal life seems to be in a bit of a tumultuous state. It'd be easy for him to throw on some sweats and to cancel a show or two in order to deal with his personal apocalypse, but he's soldiering on. Beliebers come first. How selfless of him!

Stay strong, Biebs!

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