Justin Bieber sure loves his Beliebers -- so much so that he put on a topless skate show for them on Friday night (Feb. 3).

The Biebs was hard at work in the Hit Factory Studios in Miami when he went outside for a break. A throng of shrieking fans were waiting for him when he took to the skate ramp sans shirt. Bieber quietly went back and forth on the ramp a few times to the delight of his devotees, who were screaming their love for him nonstop. While that'd be distracting to the rest of us, he's probably way used to it by now!

The shrieking reached a Bieber fever (and possibly glass shattering) pitch when Bieber finally put a shirt back on and waved to the camera as he made his way back inside. Imagine how nuts it would have gotten if his "big bro" and fellow board enthusiast Lil Wayne showed up!

The video is just the latest in a demonstration of how when Biebs does completely normal things, fans go bonkers. Last week at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, Bieber caused a frenzy just leaving a bathroom. While we doubt that the squeaky clean superstar would ever do anything truly scandalous in the public eye, if he ever did, the entire world might go deaf.

Watch Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless