Hey, Biebs! Mia Pruder loves you. Fo' realz.

Justin Bieber made little Mia Pruder's day last week. He met with the sick, five-year-old Canadian girl on Friday (Nov. 23) and she was so thrilled to come in contact with The Biebs at his Scoitabank Place show that she forget to tell him that she loved him.

"She burst into tears after she met him. Because she was so awestruck that she forgot to tell him she loved him," her mother Heather Pruder said. Oh Mia, sweetie, we think The Biebs knows you love him.

The little girl's mother said that The Biebs was polite and that her little girl was the last person to participate in the meet and greet, and that the singer's demeanor appeared to "soften" upon meeting Mia. Aw!!!

Mia is suffering from muscular dystrophy and mitochondrial depletion syndrome. She has endured several surgeries and had a tracheotomy. She has been through a lot, but nothing could dampen her spirits when meeting The Biebs.

She was able to make her Bieber dreams come true due to a Facebook campaign, dubbed Biebs for Mia. Her mother said the little girl spends time scouring the web looking for any Bieber-related content. She even Googles him.

We even found a great pic of Mia meeting Bieber's dad Jeremy and half sibs Jazz and Jaxon!

Now she is forever linked to The Biebs in the digital realm, as their photo together has circulated.

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