Justin Bieber does a mean Carly Rae Jepsen impression! The singer, who helped launched CRJ's career in the U.S. as her addictive single 'Call Me Maybe' rocketed to the top of the charts, was asked what his favorite current songs are right now and which songs he can't get enough of. He didn’t answer the question – he sang his response.

In the video below, The Biebs launches into the "Hey, I just met you…" lyric and he doesn't even get to the second sentence before the crowd of female fans assembled at the FUSE studios starts singing along with him. They helped him pull it off. A little impromptu Carly Rae cover, as if there aren't enough of those. There's tons of viral covers on the web.

The cutest part of the vid is when The Biebs takes it up a notch by doing the Carly Rae dance with hands and arms. He is feeling this tune, but then again, so is most of America, since the song topped the radio charts recently. Jepsen has adorable dance moves and The Biebs mimics them here. Lovingly, of course. The end is cute, when he "Shhhs" the crowd.

That Biebs... he has good ears, since he is responsible for "discovering" her on the radio in Canada.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing 'Call Me Maybe'